Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad stars and bicycles

There must be a lot of bad stars above our head, that we're going through such a rough time.

Take for instance our bicycles.

The oldest two managed to get them to the end of their lives during the past months.
No repair was able to recussitate.
They're both mobile again.

One of the girls had a flat tyre and kept on getting flat tyres.
She's not heavy, she doesn't bump against the pavement.
We told her to place hers at a different place in the schoolparking and watch for glass on the road.
She got a new inner and outer tyre this weekend.

And blew the tyre this afternoon on her way home.

The other girl managed to get her wheelrim broken.
We've never seen this and we wonder if it has something to do with the fact that there's a lot of bullying at school and she's setting up a project against it.

We thought the rim was broken at two places, but when the repairman had a good look, it was broken at more places. So either a lot of violence was used or it's a fault made during manufacturing.

She took my bicycle to go to school, but... I had an appointment at the dentist.
As my hip is causing a lot of pain it was out of the question to walk, so I had to cancel the appointment.

My autistic son had a very special, heavy duty bicycle.
As it broke down a few days ago when he came back from his hour with someone who spends an hour a week with him to get him out of the house.

Oh...I wish I was married to a bicycle manufacturer!! (Being married to a banker won't help nowadays. LOL!


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