Friday, May 28, 2010

Acne and the garden

As a mom of 6 I'm often asked for advice on all sorts of subjects.
I can't do some gardening in the front garden without someone asking me something.

Today I was asked about acne.
As my girls are not very much troubled by acne (the boys were. Oh yes!), the woman asked me what they use to keep a clean skin.
As there are so many products on the market, she lost sight of quality and prizes.
I can understand, as that happened a while ago here too.
With all sorts of leaflets on the doormat each week, one is almost forced to try the cheaper products and the very expensive ones. Well, the last onces never were bought here.

I referred the wman to a site with pronexin reviews.
That way she can inform herself and make a choice before her son drives her to waisting money on something that doesn't work.


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