Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Very closed

The social worker was full of criticism when she visited us.
She clearly had standards in her mind and we didn't fit in the picture.

"Everything is very closed", was her conclusion. With the intonation saying that she didn't approve at all.

She didn't only mean the glass curtains in front of the window, protecting us from the piercing springsun's rays.
She was seen walking around the house and I was warned by neighbours and the boys for uninvited eyes trying to look behind the hedge into our garden and maybe in the house.

The evening before burglars had done their work in the street behind us, entering houses and sheds. So people were aware of strange faces.

I wanted to tell her that my autistic son is over-sensitive for touch and that he, like many others, doesn't like to dress up all day in fancy clothes.
But I didn't, as she probably would take it the wrong way.

She's on the warpath, trying to find fault in everything she sees.
She's the person who rather takes a child from home, claiming negligence, than understanding what life in our family really is.

I can't say more about the situation, to protect the privacy of the children, but I'm writing about my experiences as well as possible alongside them happening.
In my own language this time, so bringing the story to the world will be as fast as possible when the time is ripe.

In case you want to know a bit more about autism and sensitivity, body awareness and clothes go here.



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