Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teabags and autism

We needed to pay a quick visit to the shopping centre to buy one of the girls a new rugsack for school.
She wanted me to go with her so she would buy good quality.

On our way to the shop we went through a corridor where young people dressed with a huge smile, nice pants and a beautiful shirt where handing out bags with tea.

One of the girls came to us and gave us two bags with a different taste.
I suddenly heard myself ask: "One of my sons is autistic and he loves tea. Please can I have a bag for him too?"
"That's OK, she said" and went on with her movement to give one of the girls her duo.

When she was ready with the small group around her she suddenly gave me all the bags she still had in het hand with a serious face. "That's for him".

Ofcourse I thanked her accordingly and then we moved on, with tears in our eyes.



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