Sunday, April 4, 2010

Special days are disruptive for people with autism


Happy Easter!!

Most of us like those special days like easter, christmas and feel uplifted.

But most people with autism feel they've lost their normal routine.

Where normal families visit chruch and/or family and friends, relax, enjoy dinner which fits the occassion, many autism families have a hard time.

When the oldest asked the girls for a sleep over at easter at his apartment last week, we accepted his offer.
So the girls have just left with eastereggs in their bags.
I hope they're having a great time watching TV, computering, talking, cooking and baking cakes they'll bring home tomorrow evening.

Their brother was in a bad mood today from the first moment he opened his eyes.

Yesterday evening, on TV, the eastermass replaced the usual programs, so he went to bed feeling different.

Specials days create a different world for people. The tastes of the food, the programs on TV, the smells, the colours on the table.
Normal routine and feeling at home is discrupted.

Some autistic children stay OK, because their favorite toy is still available, they wear their favorite clothes or play their favorite games at the usual times.

Others, like my son, feel lost and landed on an alien world.

In an attempt to control his world he starts to control us.
He yells not to hear his own chaotic thoughts, and he comments on everything we do.
Ofcourse he knows he can't tell his parents what to do. So he indirectly comments on everything and he orders his sisters around.
Is one reading? How is it possible to read a book when your homework isn't done yet.
Why isn't lunch ready? Sure there are people at home who are hungry at the regular time.
Why eat eggs? Cholesterol is unhealthy.

His stream of thoughts, commands and moans is endless unless someone manages to divert his attention, but as soon as something happens that he doesn't expect it all starts again.

This year we're lucky there's no eastervacation and the girls have to go to school again at tuesday.
It'll take a few days untill he's used to the normal routine again.



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