Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes a chain is broken

Life is a constant chain of events.
Sometimes a chain is broken.

Too much to express feelings in words,
carrying too much weight.

It happened here too.
I tried to do what was right.
Followed my heart, my brains, my being.
Cared... maybe too much.

Too much for too many.

Yesterday the chain broke.

People who don't know us unvaded our home to "help".
But all I heard was their prejudice
and book knowledge.

Ofcourse we didn't fit the picture in their mind.

They asked me questions they themselves would never answer
when you asked them, or I.

Now they're manipulating me
to act in ways
that will harm people more than benefit them.

I've reached out,
got a long talk, compassion,
and was referred to someone else.

I reached out again.

People are so stuck in their minds.
When other people don't fit the picture they're wrong.

I once saw a boy
rocking forward and backwards,
over and over again.
"I don't follow the rules",
he mumbled.

Just becausse people don't follow the rules,
doesn't mean they're dirt.

No one stands up for me,
not yet.
Maybe never.

Do they sleep better when I cry in my bed?



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