Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday thoughts

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One of the main issues in my life is dealing with people who are not the person they seem to be.

A mother who was abusive, a partner who didn't care about me, a best friend/almost brother who kicked me out of his life like garbage.

I thought that I could rely on my memories.

Ofcourse I knew they were mine and mine alone.
It was my perspective, my issues I considered important.
I thought I had a nice collection of moments to keep me happy at an old age.

Last week it turned out that even my memories are nothing more than illusions.
Someone who was trusted completely, a priest, turned out to be an abuser.
Not for a moment, but for many years, with several pupils who were trusted in his care.

Two weeks ago I questioned myself if I wasn't too rough on people at the school of my girls for not taking enough action against bullying.
Now I'm glad I have always kept a close watch on who had to care for my children.
I was very critical.

I should have been during my own schoolyears.

Today I visited some sites of the jesuits, trying to find a signal that they offer help and care for those who were abused.

All I've found was that they can complain and have their case reviewed.

I miss the human element in it all.
The interaction between caring beings.

Two night ago I've sent a mail to the spokesperson of the jesuits in my country, calling for acqnowledgement and more care.

Today the head of the jesuits in my country spoke out against the abuse in a way which is rather new.

But the element of real pastoral care is missing.

So I'll mail the national organisation once again, requesting to add another main item to the list of international priorities:
- safety, psychological, physical and social, for all those trusted in the care of jesuits.

I'm curious if they'll accept this.

In the meantime I still feel we're just on this earth as toys for some strange overall power.
We're part of a game.
And I don't like it.


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