Monday, April 26, 2010

Riding boots

I don't believe in coincidences anymore.
Not really.

Sometimes the interrelations between events are hard to find and show themselves years later.

At other times socalled coincidence makes me smile and look up to see if someone's smiling there too.

Like today, when I was asked by one of my girls something about riding boots.
The question was brought about by a visit we paid last saturday to the shoppingcentre where we saw bags in the shoppingwindow which I called saddlebags.
They made her think about riding the horse of a friend a few years ago, and it has been on her mind all weekend, she said.

We went online and visited a site, just to look around, and there she saw the boots.
From a corner of my eye I saw they had a spring sale of 70%, but as we don't ride horses on a regular basis I didn't even look.

This afternoon the friend with the horse called and we talked a bit and she said she needed a few things for her horse, and that she was disappointed by the shop she used to go to, because they didn't have saddle blankets.
So with a calm voice I told her where to go online.

She was very amazed I knew.

Later she called back and thanked us for the tip.
So in case you need something for you or your horse too... riding boots for instance. :)


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