Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Questions regarding Great Ormond Street

Today the new series of Great Ormond Street Hospital started at the BBC.
It's about what's going on in a children's hospital.

Today the cardiologists were showing the dilemma's of cardiosurgery in severe ill children.

They managed well to show how concerned they are about the wellbeing of children and their families.
This stresses the enormoud difficulty of the decision to operate or not in children who are dying.

As a mom of a baby which died after birth because of a wrong diagnosis I appreciate the care they feel.
But I also have some thoughts about the remarks they made about not operating to cause no more stress on families.

There is no greater stress than death.

Parents want to do anything to keep their children alive, even when they have to suffer themselves.
To accept a child is going to die and to see your child die before your eyes is awful. There are no words to express what's happening with you as a parent.

To see that the team went for second opinions after pressure from thge parents "because they were not rich", was alarming.
It means it's not routine to do so in serious cases when they've decided not to offer surgery, and it's left to the parents to do so.

The child shown got surgery after all, because the second opinions gave serious reason to do so.

If the parents wouldn't have urged the doctors to take action, the child would have died.

How many children have died because their doctors didn't get a second opinion?

How many parents feel deeply guilty because they haven't put pressure on the doctors to get a second opinion?


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