Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A new way into the psychiatric future

Yesterday I took one of the girls to our family doctor.
She's the second of the twins, we believe, but the gynaecologists labeled her the first.
She's small, a bit behind in development and as pale as I used to be.

On her way to school she experienced chestpain and at school she first aider checked on her during breaks.

After waiting for over an hour, we finally went in and luckily had all time of the world.

She was checked well, and declared healthy.
And after that we talked through the children.

I told the doc that the present psychiatrist doesn't keep his agreements about referrals and such and that I'm kind of sick having the nice smiles but no helping action at all.
He even delays finishing the diagnostic process, so we can't do anything at all. Not chosing a school, not getting help, not even getting this son a disability income.

So I want them to say their goodbyes and move to the adult psychologist.

I don't even want to wait for a referral from the psychiatrist, but move on just like that.

We smiled.

I've changed over the years from someone who beliefs everything others do is with the right intention and proper care, to someone who has a lower limit of expectations and takes actions when this low limit isn't met.

I also said I wanted to have a talk with this new psychiatrist first.
I know him from the times he diagnosed my two oldest ones, and he knows me.
Because things are getting harder each day I want to unfold my plans for both youngest boys and hear his opinion when the time is ripe.

There needs to be something positive lighting the horizon, because life isn't fun anymore.

because our family doc wasn't kept updated by psychiatry at all, the doc asked me to write te referral.
He'll add his things when necessary and then we'll go from there.


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