Monday, April 26, 2010

manic Monday #207

Are you doing what you really want to do?

I´m OK with being a mom and trying to be an autism ambassador as well as I can, but I would love to have a bit more freedom, would love to travel, and would love to use my knowledge and skills as a psychologist a lot more.

But unless life changes, I´ll try to live it as good as I can with hopefully enough awareness to use an opportunity when it comes along.

What is your biggest fear? How can you conquer that fear?

My biggest fear is that my girls will be taken away from me by someone who thinks she knows it all better.
I know my girls appreciate the way I´m their mom. I love them to bits. I´ve got limits and set them for them, but they accept that, as they know it´s for them good in the end too.
I try to transfer as much as I know from life, so maybe there are a few things they won´t need to find out the hard way themselves.

Right now we´re going through a rought time with a social worker who hardly knows us questioning my motherhood.
All I can do is ask the professionals around us to step in and have their say.

I hope that the way my girls are, the way they work at school, etc etc. says enough.

The deep, desperate fear in myself is terrible. I conquer it by writing.

Please pray for us.

Have you settled for mediocrity in your life?

No, not really, even though certain people think I´m low level because I´m a stay at home mom and not a professional worker.
What I do, I do it as well as possible.
And with the family we have, mediocre isn´t possible at all. LOL!

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