Monday, April 5, 2010


This morning the father of the children told me he'd decided to change the lock.

He did so last week, but he made a mistake.
I hope he won't read it here, because it'll drive him nuts to see I know what happened while he is questioning his male mind and is full of accusations.
He didn't place one complete lock in a door, but he mixed up two cilinders (4 parts) over two doors.

So a key got stuck, the lock wouldn't work.
Before the other door was used we removed the lock out of fear it would get stuck too.

I was happy we had two anti-burglary hooks installed, so we could close the door well during the night.

Today he bought new locks and started to drill out the latest installation.
He's a DIY man with two left hands who has drilled through walls twice, so we were happy one can drill through a lock without damaging the other side.

He didn't use his mind, so the door got stuck completely after he drilled the cilinder out. LOL!

I was happy, because now he needed to drill the whole lock out and not just the cilinder.
(I wanted the whole lock exchanged before, because it was 25 years old, and I thought the cilinder wasn't the problem, but the old "house" of the lock.)

Well, the lock is exchanged.
I managed to make him use just one complete lock at a time.
After the drilling it was just a matter of putting things in place following a leaflet with drawings.

Ah...we have such a smooth lock now!!

In the meantime I did some chores and when my leg was far too swollen again, I reinstalled intense debate on this blog.
When I first installed it, I thought that putting it on the new posts would be enough. But someone has been stalking me with annoying comments and advertisements I would never allow, so I've put it in all posts now.
Maybe I've lost some comments, or maybe all, but I'm not going to look.

My autistic son just came down with all his emotions bursting out.
His computer gave up.

Me oh my... will it ever stop?


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