Thursday, April 15, 2010

choices, it's al about choices

Today there are so many things on my list that I took a free floating attitude. Meaning I'll do what needs to be done at that moment.

So instead of doing other things I wrote a comment to someone I've known in the past, who's now a high positioned priest in my country.
His reaction to those who came forward as being sexually abused at school was distant and more oriented towards safeguarding the good name of the organisation than the needs of the people in question.

I don't care for a good name of the organisation when I worry about people.
It's stated that those who came forward were all who were abused.

Sorry, but I don't think so.

Too many people said in the past that they didn't share my good memories (which are squashed to pulp), and even though I'm sure they wanted more freedom to do what they wanted, I'm also afraid that more people are dealing with the memories of sexual abuse without anyone knowing.

So I took the time for a comment, instead of doing things other people think are more important (like folding laundry).

Right now I'm waiting for a boy to come down so I can cut his hair, after that it's cooking dinner and preparing to leave for a meeting at the school of the girls with two teachers.

One keeps telling one of my daughters to direct her questions to her sister instead of him. But her sister isn't a teacher, and she needs her time because she's dyslectic.
The other is a teacher who bullies my daughters.

It's remarkable how I've changed through the years from a very shy child to a woman who stands up for everything that needs standing up for.
OK, I know that most of the time people just don't care and won't care a bit about what's important to others, but when I won't stand up I feel I'll neglect the call for responsibility I hear.

When we're back this evening I have to look into some letters and bills that arrived today.
My mother in law and brother in law died last summer, but we're still getting bills and paperwork, even though we've already closed the books and reported to the taxoffice.
Yesterday we had to spend time on making calls about a bil over water used during september. As fas as I know the dead don't use water.
Do they?


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