Monday, April 26, 2010

Car vs new busprizes

I heard a group of mothers that they wanted to ask an auto insurance quote to calculate the costs of a car.
They´re not happy with the transport options available not the costs are rising sky high.
They want a car.

The council is trying to introduce a certain kind of travelcard for the busses, which will in the future also be goof for trains.
It's a chipcard.
The whole idea is that you put money on it, and each time you check in the bus you hold it against a reader, and when you check out you'll hold it against another reader.
When you forget to do the last, you´ll pay a lot of money.

Instead of a fixed amount of money for going to town, one pays the kilometers. Not sky wide, but roled on the wheels.

Well, most busses won´t ride as I want from a to be, but take streets and parts of town where I don´t want and need to be.
With the fixed prize I don´t mind the money, just the nausea I get from being in the bus too long.
When I return from a meeting I sometimes hop on a bus which takes me home through another part of town, but it´s safer than staying at the railwaystation and wait 55 minutes. When the chipcard will be the only means to pay for the bus, I´ll have no other choice than to face up to the late evening dangers there.

Wish we could afford a car.


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