Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book give-away

The last week one of the girls was coughing a lot: bronchitis.

This morning I woke up ill.
Throat, ears, lungs. The whole lot.
I guess it's payback time for working too many hours a day without taking some "me-time".

After hanging in the laundry in the wind I was tired.
That isn't me, and I hate it.
Time to divert my attention.
Remembering I never got the last give-away I've won, I surfed around a bit trying to avaoid give-aways, but ended up participating.
Hope is good for the soul.

I found a blog with a book give-away on birdbrain(ed) bookblog

Halith by Kirsten Kelly

The cover and the story immediately caught my attention.

So I hope I win, and I hope you'll enter to win it for me. LOL! Or for yourself.


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