Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BC Bloggers’ Party – Get to Know Me



I'm Laane.

Usually I describe myself as a mom of 6.
The oldest 4 are boys, all with an autism spectrum disorder. The youngest is dealing with classic autism.
The other 2 are girls. Twins. One is dyslectic, like one of the boys.

I'm always busy arranging things for them, solving problems or guiding.
Dealing with the problems other people caused is one of the main issues.

The father of the children is autistic too.
I thought I married a silent man, but it turned out that his silence progressed into something that leaves me the only one to manage this family without ever getting a compliment or a hug from him.
He wanted a large family, and fulfilled the expectations of his family. That's it.

A few years ago I started an autism organisation, which has grown fast. Upon request it became international.
It's all volunteer work, because I think that help should be available for everyone, not just for those who can afford it.

As a small child I grew up near the woods in a time that the only danger was in nature itself.
The most important people in my life were my father and my grandmother. (My mother was struggling with the aftereffects of WW2 and didn't hesitate to tell me I was unwanted.)

I loved nature, loved to read and write, and make music, and always had a strong feeling for justice.
As a shy girl I had the opportunity to learn to observe.

Music was, apart from food, the main ingredient to keep me going, and it still is.
My father was conductor of a choir and took me with him when I was very young. I learned the choir songs in such an easy way, that my grandmother taught me operette.
When I grew older I sang in choirs (as first soprano), learned to play the piano and organ, and taught myself guitar, flute and a lot more instruments.

Music gives me a feeling of home, wherever I am. I'm a bagpiper now, playing smallpipes too.
I would love to learn to play the hurdygurdy.

Reading gave me my own world when I was young. At some time I'd read everything for children in our local library and I was granted permission to read the astronomic and nature books too.
My interest in space, seismology and vulcanology started then.
Now my children are used to NASA TV being on when there's a spaceflight. I love it.

I've enjoyed my schoolyears, even though I have some serious questionmarks about the issues that lately hit the news.
I have been able to push away a lot of bad experiences, because I always considered each new day a new beginning, and because I had to find a way to live at home with my mother.
Being at a socalled holiday home when I was 8, visiting schools with nuns and later jesuits, has shown me a lot about how people are and want to be.

I grew from a shy girl into a very active person, writing in schoolpapers, organising events, with always the intention to make life as happy as possible for as many people as possible.
My life was split up between home, school, my gram and my balletcarreer.

I went to ballet when I was 4, because the sisters thought it good for me to express myself that way.
When I was 9 my mother got a visit from the famous balletteacher in town who asked her to allow me to go to the ballet academy.
My mom refused.

Without her knowing I went to the balletschool in town as soon as I went to secondary school. I got free lessons and my gram paid my balletwear and shoes.
I always danced, got extra lessons at the academy when I was at university and made it to stage with a group on international tours.
When I met my husband to be I stopped. I never should have done.
My niece offered me plenty of opportunities as a choreographer and teacher. I loved that too.
When the girls were 2 I started again, a bit hesitant, but soon I drove everyone nuts to state that ballet is good for older people too.
I performed the last time on stage when I was 43. Soon after I got diabetes and my body couldn't cope anymore.
I'm sure I'll start groups for the elderly when I'm a bit older. LOL!
There's still a balletdancer in me, trying to get out.

I studied psychology in a time that studying was a joy and didn't cost much.
So I also did pedagogics, got permission to follow the medical curriculum, went to sociology with a friend, and enjoyed biology too.
Psychology stayed my main study though. Neuropsychology didn't excist here yet, but I went a far way to put the foundations right in front of my professors.
Being the youngest staff member, teaching research methods and statistical analysis (no one wanted to teach that and I needed the money. LOL!) helped a lot.
During those years I also developed a special interest in autism.

I had to pay for my own studies and had to work.
Because I already was writing for a magazine when I was in secondary school I applied for more work at the editor and this took me into a learning process I enjoyed very much. How to develop, organise, edit, print a magazine. All the ins and outs I was taught. It was great!
As a result I'm still asked by journalist friends to review their articles. I do, when I've got the time.

With only 4 hours of sleep between the last person going to bed here and the first to rise, I should have time enough, but one way or another I never have.
There's always too much to do.

Bloggin started 10 years ago, when I was invited by someone.
It has become a moment for myself.

I hope to have access to internet forever, because I almost never see my real life friends, and I often "see" my online ones.

Plans for the near future include a move to Scotland.
I want to live in a little house somewhere in nature. Growing old in a quiet way.

If it ever happens depends on a few important things, including finding a job and money (lack of.)
We don't mind learning new things, working on a farm with someone who is too old to run it himself.
We want to give up everything to move, in fact.


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