Sunday, April 18, 2010

ballet performance

Today the girls have their annual ballet performance.

Last year my autistic son made such a stir that I couldn't go.
This year I will, even if he would break the house down all by himself stone by stone, I told him.

He's quiet.

I'm not sure about his mental abilities though.


The heating broke down again.

The shower was of a changing temperature between tepid, cold and very cold.
And as I hate cold showers I wasn't amused at all.

Yet, I'm all dressed and ready.

I'm off now to get my pendant, bag and my inhaler.
Oh, and my sunglasses.

My autistic son is playing WOW with his brother, both at an end of the house.
So in case WOW goes down, you know you have to find this house.
It'll be the one that is demolished...stone by stone.



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