Friday, April 2, 2010

Autism Awarenes Month


As most of my readers know I'm a real autism mom.
4 of the 6 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • Asperger Syndrome and ADD
  • ADHD and PDD-NOS
  • Classic autism

And their father has to deal with an autism spectrum disorder too.

All members of the family have to interact with each other, and when you know that autism involves the way people communicatie and perceive communication, you'll understand that one of the main issues in our home is to deal with each other without misunderstandings.
Often I'm a translator between people.
I've so often said: "He means.....", that sometimes, without thinking, I translate between normal people to when I sense some stress.

Autism involves all areas of development and all areas of living.

From the first moment one of the children opens his eyes, until the person is asleep again life is complicated.
Not always due to the autistic person himself.
Society is complicated and people, organisations and rules and regulations are not as easily understood as we would like.

Part of my work as autism mom is dealing with psychiatrists, social workers, schools, living facilities (the oldest two), insurances, etc etc.

Autism in the family also has a great impact on the lives of siblings.
My girls can't grow up as they would in a normal family.
They have learned so much about caring for others, standing up for themselves, using time efficiently and all those things people learn when they live in a large family and with someone with a handicap.

I'll write about that during this month.

As an autism ambassador and founder of an autism organisation I see it as my task to inform people about autism and to help them deal with it.

Just in time for this month we opened a new site.
Not all texts are transferred to the site, but there's enough to read.

Pay a visit and leave a comment, so we know you value our attempts.
And maybe download a graphic and use it on your site.

Just click the graphic and go to "blog" (today) to find the graphics.
Or click "graphics" in the tagcloud.



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