Sunday, March 28, 2010

working on the new autism site

Today I've worked a lot on the new autism site.
It'll be very nice when I'll manage to find out a few things that need to be changed.

I'm using an artistic design, but when I had it up and rolling it turned out that some functions weren't coded and some of the stylecodes were not yet in place.

I want to launch the site tomorrow, ready or not, so there's a lot of pressure.
But on the other hand I have to deal with my perfectionism.

Thinking about changing teh logo of the organsiation too.

At the meantime I'm trying to keep my autistic son within boundaries of behaviour.
He's got hours that he behaves well, and hours he just lets his emotions go, splashing them all around him.

I'm not sure if it's just the way he is at the moment, or that he's manipulating us, because I've said that he's getting as old that moving out should be something to think about.

We'll see.

Well, changing to summertime won't help.


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