Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We had an inheritance? Only bills!! And more of them.

A day before we have to get the ashes of my brother in law (who died a few weeks after his mother died), we're hearing a huge poof sound on the doormat.

It's a huge envelope with a pile of paperwork.

Last week we thought we were ready with it all, and closed the financial administration with filling in the tax forms.
First time in years we had them ready weeks before the closing date.

And now all the work is undone with one envelope with...bills...and bills...and more of them.
Some are from september 2009!!

One of us has been in town, speaking with the home owner at the beginning of february. He ownes both homes, so he could have given us the last mail. He was sked for it.
He had his bill why not this pile?

I feel a bit guilty as I urged the father of the children to take care of a good funeral for his brother instead of leaving it to the council, as the family planned.
We knew it also meant taking care of the financial burden.
It was good that at that time we didn't know what was coming to us, otherwise we wouldn't have taken the job on our shoulders.

Now his brother had a nice funeral.

And we've done a lot of work... and are still not ready.

The amount of money these bills need exceeds the inheritance of a few hundred euros.
So the taxes won't get nothing...which is a smile after all.

But me oh my, how do we handle this excess lot of bills?

I'm glad that yesterday my daughters and I fell for a nice bag and decided to buy it.
It feels like a pillow in my back now, something colourfull between the black letters on the gaping white papers.

One of them tell us to pay in two days. Dated september.
If not paid they'll come over to get possessions to sell them to get the money.
Well, the house is completely empty, unless there are new people.
And the possessions of my bil had to be thrown away. Everything!
Because of what happened nothing could be re-used.

Will they come here?

No way they're going to get our belongings to pay bills over things that we have reported to be ended when he died.
No way they'll get inside my house to take our stuff to pay bills we didn't know excisted.

Over my dead body!


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