Tuesday, March 23, 2010

surprise, surprise! At the dentist

Never ever assume that your upbringing didn't mean one little thing, because at the strangest moments you'll be confronted with what you've put in.

The last year my autistic son had the habit of agreeing with appointments. He even went in the shower and had me get his clothes ready.
But right before we had to leave he refuses to go and stayed at home.
He's 17, and twice my size in width. So no way I'm able to move him when he doesn't want to go.

Yesterday I just did my things, and he went through all the moves of leaving for the dentist. He even brushed his teeth, which is rare.

I expected him to refuse to go, but he went with me without any problem.
After 7 years he sat down in the chair and opened his mouth.
We both expected a graveyard.. he didn't have one single spot that needed repair.
"Good saliva", the dentist said.

I was still amazed that he behaved so well when I was in the chair myself.

Each three years photos are made, so this was the time.
I didn't expect any problems, and I already had the go ahead when the photos showed a leaking crown.

The crown is in there about a year!

Well, that's a new appointment for me and no for my autistic son. Surprise, surprise!!


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