Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So that's no vacation, even though we had good plans.

Yesterday we got two bills.
One for the use of a public transport card, and one for the repayment of a grant for school.

A large amount of money.

And....to be paid before the 24th, otherwise it'll be automatically an interest loaded loan.


My third son, with ADHD and something else (either PDD-NOS or schizoid characteristics), went to school to study to become a shopowner.
No problem with that, until he landed at the wrong place for his practical work. The wrong place, because the guy who had to support him, teach him, be kind to him, be his tutor, turned out to be a lazy, unkind, authority figure, who didn't want to spend one minute with my son.
After trying too long, we went with him to school, had a good talk and they agreed a new place should be found.
But recession kicked in, shops didn't want to invest in new blood, and because he couldn't find a place anywhere, he had to stop his studies.

Consequence: these bills.
Because you'll get the money when you finish your studies and have to repay them when you don't.

And as he doesn't have an income, we have to repay it.

We can't. So we'll have a loan for the first time in our lives, and not even by our own decision, but by rules that break people's futures.

I didn't even know they would turn a gift into an interest loaded loan in 9 days after presenting the bill, and I doubt whether the government or the national ombudsman knows.

I can cry, because again we won't be able to have even a little piece of holiday outside the house.
We wanted to rent a house near the beach, with internet.
Mainly so the girls and I would get some fresh air and we would be able to enjoy ourselves with something we're not used to, right at the doorstep.
The internetconnection would be for the sons. They don't care for the sea, but we thought that maybe they would enjoy a vacation too. And in case they wouldn't their father could take them straight home and I could stay with the girls.

Nice plans.

The girls have never been on vacation, and I haven't been for 25 years, but all plans can be put in the shredder.

My autistic son saw the bills and got a meltdown.
His birthday is in june and he considered that close enough not to get a birthday present.
All he wants is games, games, games, the expensive ones too, so you can imagine the grandeur of his meltdown.

After his wonderful - not! - mood of this weekend that was all I was waiting for. Tsss.

It's time to find a semi steady bit of extra income. Wish google would put my rank back. Any advice?

A series of posts
about lack of knowledge,
lack of concensus between disciplines
and the need for a formal diagnosis
with a psychiatric label
to get support for a unique individual
with autism.



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