Thursday, March 11, 2010

A place to live - evaluation

a place to liveToday we had a meeting to evaluate what happened between now and the time my third son applied for a place at a school for individual education. (He wants to become a photographer)

The agenda was made without thinking, putting the evaluation first and the plans that needed to besigned last.
So I suggested to take care of matters for the future first.

It took almost an hour to speak about the paperwork. She forgot the financial consequences, special courses and some other important issues.
Like buying photographic equipment. He can barely live on the money he has. He still needs a lot from us.

By the time we were ready it was clear that my son's new social worker (who comes with the protected living) is as driven as I am.
It was so good to see her make clear that certain decisions are between her and my son.

The woman who made a lot of mistakes during a full year before my son was admitted to the school, tried to forget the evaluation.

We just acted like we didn't realise this, but ofcourse when she wanted to speak the final words I stepped in.

So I said in a few words that she'd created a terrible time, and especially a waste of a complete year.

Ofcourse she "didn't understand", and I saw at her face that she thought she'd made a nice escape by saying that she couldn't remember doing something wrong.

I mentioned the main events.
Like having a perfect file with perfect content, and still wanting to redo everything in it.
Like wanting to assess motivation taking autistic problems as the measurement. Like telling someone without legs that he can show his motivation by walking to the end of the street.

The basic problem was that she claimed to know about autism, but that she probably knew the word, but not what is required to facilitate education.

Etc etc.

Well, we were glad to leave.
She didn't give a reaction with content.
But the psychologist who was present at the meeting showed enough in her face to make clear that what I said was recognised and that my criticism will be followed up properly.

It felt good that there's no need to ever deal with this woman again.

Going home we managed to get some groceries and find a new doormat for only 2 euros.


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