Friday, March 12, 2010

A place to live - the day after

a place to liveYesterday, during the meeting, the person who took so much time to get my son's admission to the school reality asked if we should have meetings always with so many people.
She was referring to the fact that both parents were present.

I said "no".
My son's social worker will settle matters with her.

Thought that was clear.

But like before she either forgets what she hears or draws her own conclusions, which can be opposite to what is said.

She called me.

Right when I was busy with something else.

I didn't want to bring a new issue in the conversation with her, knowing it would raise discussion or excuses which are not meant anyway.

She said she would call back next monday.
I said "yes" just to end the call, before she would start explaining why she called.

I know it's not nice.

This evening I'll mail my social worker that she called and that I referred the woman to her, as was agreed suring the meeting.

And I'll mail the woman to tell her that we want to stick to the agreement of yesterday.

I feel I need a good springcleaning, and I've learned it's good to move people who bring the worst of me out in the first place.

This woman needs to be a horror of the past, not of the present.


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