Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parent's meeting: a disaster!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Today the ashes of my brother in law were returned to nature. A bit where he was born, a bit where he lives most of his life and the remainder in a fancy container at the grave of his parents.

Tonight we had a parent's evening at the school of the girls.

Because we needed an extra busticket the father of the children went a few minutes earlier.
When I arrived at the busstation it turned out that one of our sons had called. He needed the bicycle his father had taken with him om the train to be able to go from one place to another with the ashes.
So, against all plans, I went on the bus alone.

I didn't mind.
In fact I was happy not to have to pay attention to anyone.
When I was near school it turned out we were both in time.

We went upstairs and greeted both mentor and mentrix.
None of them asked how one of my daughters was.
It's like they don't care at all.

My daugher is dyslectic and couldn't cope with the enormous amount of homework.
She got almost overworked, so I cancelled all homework for a couple of days and now allow her to make homework just for a short time.

They said they were not ready preparing the evening and left us there alone.

The evening was a disaster.

My girls had the bad luck of being in the worst group of school, so the parents pulled together and made a plan.
The mentor said he'd called all parents of the bullies.
But my girls didn't see any difference in behaviour and we had a strong feeling that nothing had happened.

One of the parents asked if things were better now.
He said "yes" and that the results were better too.
But a few parents frowned their eyebrows and I was one of them.

I said that the bullying was still going on, and so did someone else.
Which raised the question if they sticked to the plan.

Oh, yes!

A parent asked what worked best, and the mentor started to beat about the bush. It was disgusting to see.

Other parents started to ask vague questions, which he took to escape from the situation.

Then I asked for some concrete examples of which actions were taken and the results.

Like during earlier meetings he couldn't answer and then they started to complain about being busy.

About the same happened when someone asked if he had a good insight in the results of the pupils and if he could tell us how much under the average level the group was working.
No answer possible.
After pressure he said he could say something about his own subject.
But we wanted to know about all the subjects.

Turned out he had no clue at all.
They were not using any system to follow the results of the children but the card the kids have. Well, not all are able to be completely honest about their results.

Over and over the same happened, until they felt attacked.
The contactperson between school and parents waved it all away.
Well, let's say he keeps that behaviour going.

On my way home I saw the bus coming and started to run as good as possible.
It must have been an odd sight, because I can hardly run at the moment.
My left foot is very swollen and I'm not a very athletic person anymore.

To my surprise the driver waited.

I've thanked him 5 times. LOL!

At the central busstation it was dark and it didn't feel good.
So I took the first bus which ended at our station.
I've seen a large part of town..LOL!

Well, tomorrow I'm going the schoolinpector what they have as legal requirements to follow pupils.

First I have to get some sleep.


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