Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Netherlands now an ultra right country? No. Are you nuts?

The results of the elections got the attention of the international media and immediately they got carried away with articles like "Wilders wins Dutch elections" and so on.

Well, lets'be clear.

He didn't win the elections and he couldn't win the elections at all, because he just participated with his party in two towns.

His party became second in one and first in another.
The main reason his party was voted on there was that people don't want to see young people with another skincolour on the streets. It's said that those young people cause lots of trouble, and Wilders wants commando's on the streets..with guns.
This is just fiction, because guns are only allowed to be part of the daily uniform of police and soldiers in action.

With that we've struck the core of the problem right at the spot.
Many things that political party wants can't be realised because it's either against the law, or against the rules and regulations.
As soon as people see that there is a lot of shouting but nothing more they'll start to moan and won't vote on that party anymore.

But, like in the thirties, people are confronted with money problems, and that makes people intolerant. When they think others have more or are coping better they start blaming them and they want them out.
People like Wilders feed those emotions. Which leads to discrimination.

In fact these elections haven't been a real surprise.
Like always the parties that are in the government lose votes. And most of the times one of the medium parties goes a bit down too. Most often it's the one that gained a lot during a former election.
That's precisely what happened.

Those who are in the opposition gain.
Which happened in this case too.

This time, even though these were local elections, the national situation had a large influence.
The government recently fell, and in june the national elections will be held.

The only thing I'm worried about is that the time in between is too short for the party of Wilders to show they can't realise their promisses.

Wilders dreams of becoming the largest party.
Because of the recession he might get quite some votes because many people might be influenced by his shouted promisses.
They're not realising yet, that he also shouts that he's not going to pay for those who are poor because they can't make a life for themselves. That does mean he will lower social benefits and such.
He will mow the grass he has sown right to the ground.

The largest parties are still the usual ones, with a few local shifts from one party to another.

So we're not an ultra right country. No!


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