Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

Isn't it great it's International Women's Day?

Clara Zetkin called for the first Women's Day in 1910 at an international women comference in Copenhagen.

So we're celebrating the 100th International Women's Day.

Since then we managed to get the right to vote, are the working rights written, and are we emancipated at many issues.

But I don't think we've come as far as we should have come.

In The USA, The Netherlands and thirld world countries women still earn far less than men.

In the first two countries each an average of 23%.

Yes, it's true.
We earn less for the same job and the same skills and diplomas.

And we are the main group in:
- fugitives (75%)
- the poor (75%)
- analfabetics (66%)

So there's still a lot to do for better life circumstances for women.

And who stand up for us?

Are the emancipationorganisations the ones creating a better world for us?

They wanted men and women to be alike.
We've been able to live past the same clothing for both sexes, but we're still pushed to be like men in business.

Of all the work in the world, both at home and elsewhere, 66% is done by one gender.
Not men... women.
How come that women earn 23% less in countries like mine?

Because women are not the ones who make decisions.
Just 5% of all worldleaders are women.
Women earn less than 1% of all possessions.

And I truly think that emanicpationorganisations are not helping us at all.

They're working against us.

Because they've strived so much to make women work at the same positions as men, and to create job opportunities, they've forgotten to ask one simple question?

Will our lives be better?

It's not about what women do best.
It's not about answering to your talents.

But it's about being like a man.

I don't want to be a man, but I want to be me.

I want to be valued for who I am and for what I do best.
That's emancipation for me, that's true feminism.

I don´t want the free choice to get a job, but I want the free choice between being a good mother, having a job, or combining both at my free choice.

And there´s no free choice.

Many women in the world need to leave motherhood to pay for a mortgage, nice clothing, the studies of their children, a car, food for their family, etc etc.

We don´t have a free choice.

The consequence of all those emancipation efforts is that motherhood is underrated.

Whatever mothers do, we won´t get paid at all.

We don´t get a pension, even though we give out all± our health, our emotions, our wellbeing and our time on this earth.

It seems motherhood is a kind of non-existence, even though we have all the responsibility for true life and for the future of humanity.

In my country when women receive social benefits they have to apply for a paid job, otherwise they'll receive less money.

But at the same moment they're adressed when her children do something wrong.
Society makes her responsible, but doesn't take it's responsibility to make her do her job as a mother well.

We don't have safetly regulations for mothers,
no decent hours or shifts.
When we're ill, we have to go on. The work can't wait, there's no one to replace us.

When we have more children, handicapped children or are dealing with difficult circumstances, no one values us more.

It was down to us women to enable men to do their job better. Who cared?
When he left the job, he got the golden watch, we the flowers and when we were not available because we had to watch our children, we got nothing at all.
And modern wives? They run and run, juggle with their time and get nothing extra.

I feel women are not getting the respect they deserve.

They should be paid the same for the same job, skills and diplomas.
Mothers should get a good income.

Mothers who care for handicapped children should be paid the amount it costs when their children would be in a care home.
We're giving up our own fututre for the benefit of society.

It's time we get proper rights.


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