Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He wants to call me?

Some people are not aware that they make the impression that they're playing a game.

I mailed someone about an issue, and didn't get a reply.
As I didn't expect one I took the message had come across and live went on.

A few days ago the guy called the father of my children and asked for my number and got it.

That afternoon I took my phone with me while I was doing chores, because I expected a call from one of my sons.
My son called, but the guy not.

He mailed me to call him at a certain time, but I read that mail late at night.

So I politely mailed him to tell him I got the mail too late and said he could call me after 18.00 hours.

Again I dragged the phone with me.
Nothing happened.

Oh...I found a mail after midnight to call him at 19.00 hours.

Hmmm... gives me the idea the guy doesn't want to spend any money and leaves that to me.
But, as he took the initiative to get in contact, it's up to him to get in contact.

I'm rather old-fashioned in that.

Especially as we have to turn every penny at the moment.

Well... and I hate the phone.

I'm curious though about what he has to say.


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