Sunday, March 21, 2010

first sunday of spring

It's officially spring now.
This morning the birds were giving a nice concert.
They were rather far away, but could be heard.

Last evening and the night were a different story.
We had loads of rain. Were in the centre of a bad rain-area.
It poured so very hard, that one of my daughters got literally soaking wet just from bus to house. It was horror.
I had to stay up part of the night to get the rain off the plastic roof above the area between kitchen door and shed. Under normal conditions the rain just rolls off, but it came down so fast that the liters created large dents that files with liters and liters. So I had to go outside to push the water out.

When the rain got less and I saw on the radar that the worst was over I just crashed in my bed.

The day, yesterday, was awful.
My autistic son kept complaining every 3 minutes that he had nothing to do (hmm, he was complaining so he was doing something. LOL!). He wanted to force us to buy a few new games for him, but we're broke.
It really got to my nerves.

Finally his father took his laptop, went to the site of the bank and showed him.
At the same time gave him a bag of chips.
How about mixed messages? LOL!
Neither of them realised it, and for a short time it was silent.

I need to get the autism site ready but because I'm so stressed and tired I just can't get it designed the way I want.
Saw precisely the design that's needed on a site, but it costs 32 dollars.
It's well worth the money.
The design is a portal which contains different areas which give an easy oversight.
The different sections represent the different areas of our organisation (all volunteers), there's enough place for links and there's a blog.
So in case you want to sponsor..... Your donation will be appreciated all over the world and the link to your site will be eternal as long as the autism site is on air.
Free hosting is already arranged. So that's no worry.

Tomorrow morning: dentist.
Just my autistic son and I.
Meaning I'll have to wait if he's going.
The last year he has the habit to agree with many things and cancel at the last moment.
I don't mind going alone, but I do mind that his teeth hardly see a brush let alone a dentist.

There's more light outside. Time to get the laundry on the line.


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