Thursday, March 25, 2010

education of professionals

Isn't it interesting that we, parents, even when we're university educated, learn everyday about the autism of our children, and that all those who are called professionals have to do with less than a lifetime of education and call themselves educated on the subject?

Today my eyes caught an announcement of a course for lawyers.
It was found out that there was a huge need for knowledge about psychiatric diseases which are mentioned in the DSM IV (which is the Diagnostic and statistic manual of psychiatric disorders, fourth edition. There's also a revises one, and DSM V is in the process of beign prepared).

I'm always happy when others are interested to learn how to deal with people with a psychiatric disorder, so I went to the site which was mentioned and expected at least a 14 day course, with all sorts of subjects and speakers.


Half a day...that's all.
Half a day.....

It's not even long enough to teach people how to observe well.

I know... I tried...


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