Wednesday, March 3, 2010

After the Olympics and the first crocus

Life is returning back to normal now the olympics are over.
Ofcourse we watched the ceremonies to thank the athletes, but that event was at a normal time during the day.

Appointments started again.

I will write about mine at another time, because I need to think about the implications of what I heard for the future of my autism activities.
It will mean an intensification and I probably need more volunteers, especially people with a scientific background who are able to do literature review at high standards.
So I'll be back about that.

When we left this morning it was freezing, and there was such a thick wall of fog, that I couldn't see the water in the lake we passed. Spooky.

When we came back it was sunny, 10 degrees warmer, and I saw the first crocus!!!!!!!!

Me oh my... even though we're heading towards more freezing nights, spring is slowly taking the edges of winter away.

Am I happy about that!!


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