Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's card

february 14 2010

Happy valentine's day for all my friends!

Visiting England has been a highlight of my life because of the intense feeling of coming home.

My father stayed during WW2 with an english family in wolverhampton and he took me with him to visit them after 50 years.

The family was large and each of them tried to show me something which was authentic english.

One day I was taken to one of the older members who welcomed me with candybars and cucumber sandwiches, hot chocolate and peppermint tea.
She resembled my gram so much.
She was fun, understanding of the needs of a young girl and we shared interests to our big surprise.

Soon we were talking about books.
She had the original ones of the translations I'd been reading, so she took me upstairs to lavender smells and sheets with lace borders, gave me some small soaps to take the smells home and accepted my compliments for the wonderful curtains like a real lady.

The she opened a drawer and made me sit.
"You will like these, I suppose.", she said in het sweet soft voice and gave me a box.

When I opened it old victorian cards showed themselves. Carefully piled.
The ribbon folded at the side.

One of the cards was the one you can see at the top of this post.
She opened the card and showed me it could stand, so the lady who got it would be able to put it on her desk, so she could see it all the time and be remember the tender love of her admirer.

The lovely lady died long ago, and I don't know what happened with the box, but the memories of this wonderful afternoon are forever a jewel in my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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