Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday mix

february 18 2010

It was fun to travel by bus today, even though I wished the world was still covered by snow.
I even didn't mind there were no seats available, because we all were so engaged in talking about politics that time and distance went by fast.

We all agreed that no soldier should be send to afghanistan again.
If we would have been our parliament TV would be boring!

And everyone agreed that we need a new government.

The older people longed back to the times that humor and integrity were the leading characteristics of politicians, and we engaged in citing old jokes and remembering wonderful moments.

It was a pity to arrive at the busstop where I had to leave.

The meeting about my son was as boring as expected. Going through some paperwork we received at home, and could have commented on by mail, is not my main priority.
I wondered why a pedagogue was present, because the people who deal with my son on daily basis were very well able to deal with whatever comes up.

Well, when I can propose a change to save money...

While the potatoes were boiling (I arrived at home just in time to make dinner at the regular time), I wanted to drop at some sites.

To my amazement I had a mail from someone who told me my site was added to some dropping system.

Well, I didn't ask him to do so.

Let's be clear: after the last EC-drama I reviewed my list of sites I was dropping on and I'm making a new one. Only sites with content, which are regularly updated and which are not full of advertisements are on the list.
These sites are bookmarked in my browser.

I love sites about beading, other creative subjects and real life, so when you think you should be on my list, please let me know.

Thank you advertisers for dropping at my site, but I won't be dropping back.


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