Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sven Kramer has grown up

He smiles again.

Sven Kramer has changed from a puberty hormone driven boy into a wise man.

Yesterday he had a talk with the man who made him doubt himself by pointing him to the inner lane instead of the outer one, which resulted in his disqualification.

And this morning they were seen together smiling.

In an interview he stated that he wants to move on.
Everybody can make a mistake.
He realised that he's won so many medals with this coach and that they share so much, that one mistake won't change their bond.

The interviewer asked him if he was putting up an act when smiling with the coach.

"I'm not here to play theatre, but to skate as fast as possible", was his reply.

My admiration has grown for this young man much more than it could have ever grown when he'd won gold.

He's an example for my kids and for many other people.

Let's move on!!


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