Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snowboarding and a huge package in a corner

february 17 2010

One of the favorites of the olympics here: snowboarding.

I was enjoying a very quiet moment, wondering if we would get snow or just a very cold night when suddenly I saw a face appearing out of the dark... and another... and...

Within a moment the room was filles with skateboarders wanting the see snowboarding.

While I wanted to know how our Dutch participant was doing, they were only interested in the technical details.

They would have been a great jury.

Catching snowboarders is one of the most difficult things, because of their speed.

Here are a few attempts.

One didn't make the first slope.

Remember the icemachine problems I wrote about yesterday?
Special, from Calgarry, hidden in the corner before put into (successful) use:



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