Wednesday, February 10, 2010

it's entrecard again

february 2 2010

Have you ever been told you're not visiting a site where you've been at least 3 times that day?

I have.

My blog has been mentioned in a socalled scam.

I wouldn't have been on a blog to drop, which is a complete lie.

The blog concerned is visited each day for a few times, sometimes even 5 times.

Not only because entrecard means walking around the blogging world to drop, sometimes comment, place an ad, and once in a while enter a give-away which is not only for USA, but for others too, but also because I adgitize, and some blogs are well represented in the system, maybe because I'm online at the moment that blog goes through the system.

Maybe the fact that I now use a dropping list makes a certain impression to that site. I don't know.

And is there something in the rules of entrecard that says people who surf under surfer's protection or surf/drop otherwise are doing something that isn't allowed?

Well, during the many years I've been online I've seen quite some dirt thrown around.

Why complain when your blog is visited so many times a day by the same person?

So I feel hurt now and probably feel better in a few hours, when I'm working to get the world interested in the story of Gomey.

Isn't it interesting that the same blogowner didn't take the effort to support Gomey in any way?

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