Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Started a Joke

february 6 2010

1. Tell us a joke that you think is funny. If you don't tell jokes tell us why.

Pfff.. a joke... now?
I'm sorry I can't think of a joke.
That's my problem, I forget them.

But don't think I'm not funny, because I am!
Meet me in a waitingroom and you're having lots of fun, because places like that trigger the best stand up comedienne in me.

2. Where do you buy most of your clothes?

Here in the shoppingcentre.
But I hardly buy anything new.
The kids go first and as we're having 6 of them...

3. Which famous person would you like to meet? Why?

There are many.
But right now I really need to meet Oprah.
I want to do a show with her about autism and the way professionals deal with them.
There are plenty of good ones, but the others...
They make mistakes, the don't communicatie, they don't realise that when people are stressed they might not remember what is said, etc etc.

Right now I want the word spread about Gomey and I need everyone on this whole earth to take his wellbeing at heart.
He's taken from his home and put at a hospital by a new, probably unexperienced, social worker. His family is devastated.
Gomey is english speaking, but he's in a french hospital in Montreal.
He doesn't understand why he is there and he wants to go home.
Like they can properly assess him under circumstances like that! Huh!

We need the public to raise voices so his case will be reviewed properly.

Click this button and read his story and please, please, please do something too!!

Help Gomey

4. What is your ultimate ambition?

Well, first my autistic children need to find a place in life, outside home, before there's time for ambition for me.

I would love to travel, move to Scotland, etc etc.

5. Do you like to live in the area of your country or would you prefer something a little different?

I've always lived at the outer side of town.
Right now I'm missing the woods, I visited so often when I grew up.
I want to leave my country because of the political situation. There's so much control, so many rules and regulations that I feel my freedom is taken from me.
After the recession there isn't much pension available for me, so I'd rather live in Scotland somewhere far away from citylife and grow my own vegs.

6. Has a newspaper or television reporter ever interviewed you? If so, what were the circumstances and what did you think when you read or saw what you said?

Both on lacation and here at home.

We've had the best time with a camera crew and a reporter when we did a subject on SIDS.
We made a very good and beautiful item, but just a few hours before broadcast a bisshop died and his biography took almost all the time.
We all were a bit angry about it, especially because they didn't want to reschedule the item.

7. What was the last CD/mp3 album that you purchased? How did you like it?

Not the faintest idea. It's sooooo long ago!

8. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

Summertime by Janice Joplin

Pff, I never pay attention to names...

9. Do you are your partner usual begin intimacy?

Begin???? I don't thin there will be a re-beginning, ever...
And I can't consider him a partner anymore. So...

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