Friday, February 19, 2010

Grinding with Laane

februari 19 2010

There are days I long to sit at my grandma's table and grind coffee with her.
The strong smell of coffee, the sweet light through the window and the soft smile on her face.

Wouldn't it be a great introduction for a meme?

Well, you're allowed to consider this as much.
When you want to take part, let me know and I'll send you the graphic, with your own name.

Grind away what happened this week so you can start your weekend a bit better.

The main event this week was another drama the government created around Uruzgan.
A letter from the NATO requesting an extension of our stay so closely for local elections made the whole issue a game to play people into the webs of political parties.
Lies, intrigues? I wrote about it and turned my attention to the olympics and the International Space Station. The world will turn on without this government and I'm OK it falss over the issue.
I do however care that it's international interference into our politics that created the problem in the first place. None of the other NATO countries wants to succeed this mission, and the pressure is put on us because our prime minister has the name to want to be a nice puppydog to the USA.

We're counting the months before my classic autistic son will be 18 and we'll be able to switch from the child- and youth psychiatrist to the adult psychiatrist. They've honored my request to create a special adolescence clinic, but only for ADHD.
There's still a lot of work to do, but first we have to find a place for our classic autistic son to live and a way to make him leave the house without meltdowns and destroying it all.
The constant puberty troubles between him and his ADHD brother are a burden to us all, and require my constant attention. I can´t be downstairs when they are upstairs without having all my senses there. Age starts to count, even though I still surpise myself by being upstairs within a few seconds. The pain in my hip follows later.

I hope this time this post can stay without comments from high functioning autists who want to tape the mouth of parents of autistic children who can´t deal with life without all day assistance.
The autism spectrum ranges from almost normal autistic people to those who can´t deal with life at all.
My 4 sons are everywhere on the spectrum, with my classic autistic son somewhere at the beginning. He´s functioning at a level years behind his chronological age, he almost never leaves the house, he doesn´t like communicating with others than his own family, and his communication skills are far below average. He has almost no ability to reflect on his own behaviour, which is guided by the feel and need of the moment.

This week I was offered the opportunity of a life time, but I can´t leave here for more than a few hours. And even that requires a lot of preparation. The break of routine, caused by a meeting I had to go to yesterday, is reflecting in my sons behaviour today.

Well, the snow is gone.
I´m even feeling the need to sow some seeds in small pots.
I love the first signs of spring, I love spring. The crisp air in the morning, the birds singing like they own the world, and walking outside without a coat on flipflops.

The weekend the Endeavour will return to earth, maybe we´ll gain some medals at the olympics and maybe that nagging headache will disappear when spring allergy sets in with itching eyes.

Let´s face the weekend!


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