Monday, February 8, 2010


February 7 2010

Help Gomey

The story of the autistic young man, called Gomey, is in and on my mind all day.

Each day I'm trying to get people interested to bring his story to the world.
On twitter many took over, so the chance that we reach people who can do something grows.

I directly mailed some people who can make a difference.
Some are not online during the weekend.

Trish is going to bring a special interview with his mom on tuesday at BlogTalkRadio.

Today I've written newspapers in the area.

I planned to write an article about assessment of autistic people, but I'm too tired, so it needs to be done tomorrow.

We went to the birthday of my eldest son.
Not after his father and autistic brother had a huge row, about....
eh.... Yes,...about what?

I guess they both couldn't cope with the change of rhythm and routine.
Sunday is supposed to be a day at home, and this time we had to travel.
Ofcourse I didn't want to go with them both being unkind and moody.
I have to say that the kid was wiser than the father, because he saw I didn't like the fact to let pass the birthday of one of my kids and he appologised.
The dad kept his mood..huh!

He went ahead of us, because he had to buy bustickets.
When we arrived at the station he was already waiting for the bus.
When we were putting away our bicycles I realised I'd forgotten my shawl. I was cold, even though it wasn't below zero yet.

I had a quick look in the small shop and they had a sjawl like mine. It was bought within a minute.
The kids had a laugh. It doesn't matter I have two of the same; with twingirls that's no problem.
And the moody man?
He didn't see us, because he was behind a large building.

When we went home I was very happy with my swift move. It was very cold, with a fierce wind.

yesterday I changed the look of the site.
I just needed something rather plain.


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