Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the continuing story - someone new

January 3 2010

Yesterday I had an appointment with the social worker of my classic autistic son.

He didn't want to go with me, because he felt insecure because of the ice and snow. I didn't try one single bit to make him change his mind.
Not nice, but I welcomed a short time alone.

And talking freely, without taking his feelings into consideration, was a relief too.

With the snow drifting down in great abundance, and a mug with hot chocolate it was good to talk about the boys one by one. She knows them all, and two of them have a lot to be grateful for because of her help and support.

Then we directed out attention to my autistic son, his difficulties with leaving the house and going to daycare, and the fact that it's getting more difficult to deal with him.
Especially the girls have a hard time, because he comments on almost everything they do.
He sees them developing past him and there's nothing he can do to stop the process.

In the mail we talked about someone he can talk to, do things with, in a light therapeutical way.
At home he told me he thought that was a great idea, so his social worker and I refined the plans and filled in the forms.

She's going to find someone who needs to do practical work with an autist for her studies, so they both can benefit from the contact.

I hope he'll enjoy someone new in his life.

So maybe... maybe I'll get two or three hours a week without him.

I'm already telling myself that I won't use that time for cleaning or anything else than lazy me-time.


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