Monday, February 8, 2010

The continuing story - a new round of paperwork

february 8 2010

Today I entered the world of bureaucracy again.

I have to request a disability income for my classic autistic son.

Last time it was easy to download the forms.
Now there's no form to be downloaded anywhere, unless it's fully filled in.

Why make it easy, huh?

Well, january 1 the system has been changed.

When someone can't work it has to be reported 4 months after the 17th birthday.
Would have been nice when someone had told me that.
The last time I asked, it was 7 months after his 17th birthday and absolutely not earlier.

Well, as I can't break time and twist it to my own needs, they'll have to do with what they'll get.

I hate forms like that! And I hate the procedures even more.

So I quickly went through the form and mailed it to his social worker to add what she thinks needs to be added.

After that it's probably the same as I've experienced with the other boys.
Waiting in a huge building, in a hall with camera's all over me, guards all over the place, and no chance to have a proper look in the mirror of the toilet, because the light is blue to prevent junks from giving themselves a shot.

I always feel treated like a so maniest rated citizen.

Then an unfriendly looking doctor, who wasn't able to find work elsewhere or who likes to push people in all the corners of the room, comes to get us.
I'm always able to break the routine.
Most people in those huge buildings take the stairs to stay healthy, but I don't. So they have to find a key to the elevator. And be sure it's "they", because at least the porter has to have a look too.
...And the guards. Imagine I'm a criminal and I'm going to attack the doc in the elevator....

Well, I raced through the paperwork, filled in the minimal and now we'll have to wait.


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