Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breaking news: Dutch government has fallen

february 20 2010

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Crisis in the Dutch government ends in broken trust


Uruzgan was central issue in the discussions

I was asked whether I regret what happened.


I think this government was far too controling and requested too much respect (without deserving that respect).

Changes in education and healthcare were made without listening to people who had to live with those decisions.

I saw a movement to centralised control, influencing people to become a kind of puppet of the controling organisations.

One of the main changes I saw was the way young people looked towards the future.
When I was young there was hope, confidence, and a feeling of expectation, because when we worked hard we could become what we wanted.
We didn't need strict rules, because we wanted the best for ourselves.

Young people now are confronted with so many rules and regulations that it's only a natural reflex to go against them.
The government already has made the choice for them that they will be forced to go to school or work until they're 23, that all their mistakes will be recorded in a central file, etc etc.
It's a feeling of being repressed and of being a burden to society. The intense feeling of choice and responsibility to create our own future has been taken.

There's no respect for the individuality of people, no respect for those who are different and need our solidarity.

People who are handicapped are not seen as unique individuals, but as a burden to society.

The value of people is not in his or her being, but in the economical value.

I think the devaluation of people should be stopped and I hope a new government at least can stop the tendencies I've described here.


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