Friday, January 8, 2010

weather and computer

january 8 2009

The weather is the central theme today.

In Northern-Scotland a temperature of minus 22.3 degrees celcius were measured.
When I went to bed here in The Netherlands, at the other side of the Channel/North Sea, it was minus 14,3 as the lowest temperature in the country.

This weekend more snow is expected, and we'll have a lot of wind, maybe even storm.
I've heard so many warnings that when one of the boys came in I automatically warned for the weather of tomorrow. LOL!

It's very serious as ships are not allowed on the largest lakes of the country.

My computer is fixed and the programs are renewed. That means there's a lot to get used to.
I've also lost Paint Shop Pro, which is a great loss. Anyone wanting to donate so I can buy it for my birthday (27th) please do so. Each dollar helps. Thanks a lot!

I also have to update sites and give them a nice winterlook instead of the christmaslook.
First I'll put a new header in here. The old berries one.

Hope you'll like it again.

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  1. Are you saying you will be 27!!! Just kidding.


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