Thursday, January 14, 2010

A place to live 8, but no place to learn

january 14 2010

Remember my son with PDD-NOS found a place to live on his own with some extra support?
He's made his apartment into a real nice home, even though he doesn't have all the furniture he wants yet.

He was finally admitted to the special college for individual education and was looking forward to start his course on photography next week.

A year ago a contactperson of the organisation which pays for education like that told his social worker and me that, in case my son would be admitted, he'd see no problems and would pay for my son's studies.

Yesterday it turned out it was just a fairytale.
They won't pay.

We can't believe this!

There's no way he's able to pay for his studies himself, nor can we.

All I can do now is write to charity organisations and hope someone will jump in.
For now we hope the guy who changed his mind was just caught by the winterweather and is able to change his mind again.
But when the rules and regulations are changed we can do nothing else than search for some organisation who takes the wellbeing of my son and his future serious and especially above money.

It took us almost a year to realise this, and just one week before it was supposed to happen ...

And what's worse: when he is not going to school he has to leave his appartment.



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