Thursday, January 28, 2010

A place to live 9, and a future on the rails

january 28 2010

One of my sons (nr 3, PPD-NOS) finally got the reward he deserved for his hard work.
He passed the theory-exam for his driver's license, so he can set a date for the other part.

He only missed one question from the 65, so he did very well.

We're so happy for him.

But even after that news we kept stressed, because today he would also hear the decsions about the study of photography.

The guy who has to decide if he'll get the funding said a few weeks ago that he wouldn't agree.

Both my sons social worker and I shot through the roof.
We were both present and we both heard he said he would agree when my son would be admitted.

We also thought that maybe the school stretched the whole admission procedure past january 1 2010 to be able to refuse my son for lack of funding, as the cutbacks would take place at that date.

Well, after trying to be admitted for a whole year, after being refused once because of someone who was too lazy to do her job and who didn't understand even the most minimalistic tips to communicatie with autistic people, I had the strong feeling he deserved to be accepted at that school for individual learning.

Then my son heard from his guidance counsellor where he lives that she was told that they doubted his committment because he forgot one appointment. (Which he didn't forget...the busses were not on the road due to the weather...)

He told me, knowing I would set things straight rightaway.

So I crawled in the mail and had my go at jumping at the keyboard.
The lady in question got a nice mail telling her:
  1. that I and the social worker hear the guy say that his study would be funded when he would be admitted at that school
  2. that the very long procedure was not due to my son, but to the fact that she made só many mistakes during the first monthS, that we had to call in her superior to sort things out.
    And as not only we, but also my son's social worker was present, she got that mail too.
    Which one way or another means a lot of pressure.

So my son is admitted... phew!!

Now he can get a grasp on his future.

He lives where he wants to live,
he's almost ready to get his driver's license,
and he can start the study he's always wanted.

Make me remember how he used to play with his train.
When he was happy he wanted a cookie, put it in the back of the train and drove with it all across the room...

tuuut tuuut


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