Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mistake after mistake and then...

january 19 2010

The insurance made a mistake last year in june.
Instead of deducting a bill from the account of one of the girls (it was the official diagnosis of her dyslexia) they deducted it from the account of her father.

Because grown ups have a certain amount to pay before they get their things insured, called "own risk", we had to pay part of it.

But because a mistake was made and minors don't have an "own risk" we shouldn't have to pay anything.

We mailed them, phoned them, mailed again and were told that we were right, a mistake was made and it would be corrected.

Well, a few weeks later we got a bill with the same amount...

Repeat between the stars a couple of times.

In december we even got apologies and oh yes, we could be relaxed as all was solved now.

Saturday we got two letters.

One from the insurance telling us they handed the unpaid bill to an organisation that can even force it's way into your house with the police and take your belongings and sell them or bring you to court.

Well, the other letter was from that organisation, telling us to pay within 8 days, otherwise.... (And the insurance needs at least 14 days to reply...huh.)

And the letter of the insurance stated we were now registered as people who won't pay their bills.

It shot me straight through the roof, my bloodpressure slowly following (to give you an idea how fast I shot up high.)

We always need to turn our coins a few times before spending them, we can't buy everything we want, but we've never ever paid a bill too late, never ever had to ask for a loan. We've never ever been in debt.
And now we were registered??

I was more than furious.

Luckily the insurance has a mailservice active on saturdays.
And the other organisation had an emailadress, even though I needed to use a large magnifier to see it.

And...I had the mails that went to and fro, including 5 ones in which it was stated that matters were settled.

So I typed a subject in the mail with emergency!!! and Mistake, mistake!!! and made clear that a mistake was made and not on our side, and that I was really offended by the fact that we were registered.
I told them to remove us from the register IMMEDIATELY!!!, and mail me to tell me that that was done.

Got the mail monday morning....

Am I happy?


The explanation they gave for their mistake was completely wrong.



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