Wednesday, January 20, 2010


january 20 2010

One of the girls is ill. Just a bit, but she stayed at home and I guess that shook up the whole world and routine of my autistic son and his father.

After the other girl went to school I went back to bed, because I don't sleep well the last months.
I woke up by the noise of my autistic son and his father arguing.

Neither of them put an effort in to calm down, so I had to step in once again.
None of them was listening to the other and they were both trying to force the other to see things the other way.
Won't do anything good when none is listening, ej?

I miss a real grown up to share my responsibilities with, I miss another grown up to talk to. In fact the children's program that's on TV is more mature that the other person in the house who is supposed to be raising the children.

His bad moods are getting on my nerve, mainly because I see no cause for them and no reason why he shouldn't be at least neutral.

Sometimes I wonder where his brains are.
So many times his laptop and my computer have been on internet without any problem that one might suggest they do fine. Especially because his connection is directly lined up to his work and I can't in any way access that connection.

So why point a finger towards me when his connection gets lost?

Any idea?
I don't.

Well, when the accussations that his computer lost connection because I went on internet got verbal, it was just too much.

A person can take only só much and then it's done.

I completely understand why women leave their family and throw themselves in the arms of a 20 year old handsome guy.
We've dealt long enough with the lack of looks and the lack of male trustworthiness and lack of care.

I can deal with a guy who doesn't understand me, but respects me.

But when he talks to me like I'm some stupid worm on the ground, I simply won't accept that.

So now he's cooking dinner, because I won't today.


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