Saturday, January 2, 2010

heating repaired, computer broke down....

januari 2 2010

Well, after a very cold night I took the audacity to have a go at the heating myself.
We're renting this house and the owner should have the number for emergencies on his site and phone. Yea.. well... they are both "under construction". With other words: "We're not going to spend any money on your problems, solve them yourselves."
Don't think I'm misinterpreting this, I don't. They're that way.

I didn't dare to mess around with the heating in the evening or the night.
But I did switch out the electricity, however, and turn it on again, and it made a partly reset. But we still had no hot water and no warmth.

In the morning I didn't mind working on the problem. Mainly because I remembered the name of the heating repairman and we got track of his emergency number, and because we could see our way around the house far better in case something might go very wrong.

Well, I did what I thought best, fumbled around with the codes of the thing (Yep I write down what I did), and it worked.

But now my computer has gone cold on me.
I can use a PC, but I'm missing all my bookmarks I use for EC, and it's slow, so adgitizing isn't a joy anymore.

Plus I might have lost most of my graphics designwork and fonts.

Ugh... the idea makes me sick.

It's just the second day of the year, what can we expect with such a beginning?


  1. get xmarks - all your bookmarks can then be stored on-line and no matter what computer you are using they are always available at the xmarks site. Plus xmarks will coordinate your bookmarks from several different lists and computers. No reason to ever lose your bookmarks.

  2. Sounds like you had a bad start to the New Year. Hopefully things will settle down for you. I guess I had better send some healing thoughts your way.

  3. Well, congratulations on getting your heating to work & good luck with your computer!


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