Friday, January 22, 2010

Grinding with Laane

january 22 2010

There are days I long to sit at my grandma's table and grind coffee with her.
The strong smell of coffee, the sweet light through the window and the soft smile on her face.

Wouldn't it be a great introduction for a meme?

Well, you're allowed to consider this as much.
When you want to take part, let me know and I'll send you the graphic.

Grind away what happened this week so you can start your weekend a bit better.

When we, girls and I, joined the bagpipe band there were only a few women and no men.
They had a good way of dealing with lessons and performances and had a kind of routine everybody felt Ok with.

But people grew older. Couldn't keep up with the rate of performances, didn't want to adjust their vacation schedule, (guess the wifes didn't and the men had to go along. :) ), and as everything changes, life within the band changed.

The girls got lessons with a boy that disturbed them during the lessons, and drew them into misschief by running through the school when they were not occupied.
When I was there, it wouldn't happen.

Because of my health and the care for my autistic son, who couldn't be left alone and certainly not with his brothers, I had to stop the lessons.
Like always in music I found a greater feeling of relaxation by using the instrument to express my own creativity rather then spending energy to adjust to the technical pace of the band.

The girls still went to the lessons which were more disturbed than ever.
Instead of the teacher throwing the boy out they all tried to put up with him, because he was the son of a member of the board.
Finally they found a way to kick him out without losing face: a test. Who flunked it was out.

To our surprise one of the girls didn't play well that day and was thrown out.
The other made an excuse, told she had a cold and needed more breaths of air, and as she was the one one of the examinators considered talented, she passed.

Problem with the location of the lessons is that it's in the school of the girls and we live about 45 minutes on bicycle away from that school, we're separated by not only a park that's not safe during the evening, but also by another not very safe area. So no girl goes alone.

We solved the matter by going with her, a duty of brothers and dad. But the brothers devoted their time to something else and dad had a surgery at his knee.
So it was her sister who accompanied her.
The sister is more motivated to play than the one who passed the exam.

I pleaded, almost on my knees, to give my motivated girl another chance to pass the test, but those old guys have no compassion.
In the discussion about how to go on with lessons for the one kid left, I said that both girls could be present in the lesson for the one. Seeing is learning too, and she's so very motivated..
Then I got the remark that the band is no babysitter.


It really made me jump out of my skin.

Well, because I wrote my reply to the teacher too, the guy who wrote it could do nothing else than tell me it was from his own brain.


Well, I've got something what they haven't got. Some stubborn scottish genes (and the title of Lady. Hah! But they don't know that).
And those scottish genes are female ones.

Never mess around with scottish females and their descendants!!!


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