Friday, January 15, 2010

Grinding with laane

january 15 2010

There are days I long to sit at my grandma's table and grind coffee with her.
The strong smell of coffee, the sweet light through the window and the soft smile on her face.

Wouldn't it be a great introduction for a meme?

Well, you're allowed to consider this as much.
When you want to take part, let me know and I'll send you the graphic.

Grind away what happened this week so you can start your weekend a bit better.

When everyone was gone to bed I couldn't even remember how today started.


The father of the children was mad because he had to wait for a girl to leave the bathroom.

We have a rather strict morning ritual so I quickly discovered the reason of the problem. He overslept and she thought he was already downstairs again, shaved and washed.
A few words from my side and they both changed their attitude.

I uttered a sigh when they were gone and tool the morning paper from the doormat.
I was hardly reading a word when the father of the kids came back.
He'd forgotten his key, because he had a call from his brother about the inheritance of his mother and brother who both died this summer.
He wanted the he ordered the money to be send NOW!
Well, as long as we're still getting bills we don't know which amount is truly inheritance and until the taxes have written that all is settled we won't split up the few hundred or maybe 2 thousand euros.
The guy acted like we were stealing millions from him. Like we would rob family.
Well, the whole issue has shown a quite evil character and I bet we'll never see him again after he has got his handful of euros.

Looking back it was good I suddenly had the feeling, at the end of the morning, to go on doing the housekeeping and prepare dinner.
An easy traditional dish with unions, carrots, potatoes, and sausages.

My autistic son used to enjoy playing world of warcraft. Last week he suddenly had no access and we couldn't fix matters, so we bought him a new account.
It used to be well worth the money, because he enjoyed playing so much.
But a patch had changed the game and it's now too easy and no fun anymore.
Gone the money, while we can use it so well for so many other things that are needed.
Added to it a boy that starts to moan and groan loudly, because he can't do anything else. I had a hard time keeping my patience and trying not to change into a world of warcraft myself. Ugh!

The girls had an extra hour at school and then went with a friend to her home, not telling which friend.
They came home late, through the dark,... from a place I've told them not to go when there's no one to fetch them. Kids have been killed on that road.
I hope ;'ve been clear enough, so they'll never ever hide the truth anymore.

Then the news came that my ADHD son couldn't get, at a lanparty, entrance to the same game as above. He'd also forgotten the code to retrieve the password.
Later it turned out his account was hacked.
I wonder why they play payed games..grrrr....

Long after dinner we thought to be able to drink a quiet cup of coffee.
We shouldn't have done that, because son 3 (PDD-NOS) came to tell us his video card crashed. He wanted to try to restart the drivers to see if it really crashed but he didn't know where he stored the CD.
Well, not here.

When we thought we'd left it all behind and we could go to sleep, my autistic son had one more try to make us give him money to buy entrance to a new game.

He's to sleep now.
Without the money.

So I'll guess we'll have a hard time tomorrow.


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